Stony Lonesome

Coming together in November of 2009, these Lonesome boys share a love of honest country music. Based on the carefully crafted songs of Steve Parkinson, the Lonesome boys build arrangements that are reminiscent of old-time honky-tonks and the classic stylings of Parsons, Nelson and The Possum.  Their sound is a product of immense thievery; stealing from Nashville, Bakersfield, western swing, folk, and rock and roll-clearly a band that only robs from the greats!

In May, 2013, Stony Lonesome had the pleasure of recording with the brilliant Andy Magoffin at his House of Miracles in Cambridge, Ontario. A week or two later, the boys emerged with their first true full-band effort. With a mountain of work and whiskey behind them, “Kentucky Straight Heartbreak” is being released by Busted Flat Records on September 17th 2013.

The Stony Lonesome has shared the stage with such greats as: The Good Family, The Dinner Belles, The Magnificent Sevens, One Hundred Dollars,  New Country Rehab, and Hawkeyes to name a few.

Stony Lonesome is: Steve Parkinson (vocals and guitar), Bryan Wright (electric guitar, vocals,mandolin), Steve Wood (pedal steel,dobro), Scott Fitzpatrick (electric and upright basses, and vocals), and Chris Flannigan (drums).


Live At The House Of Miracles

Kentucky Straight Heartbreak