Shipwreck Radios

Loud gritty guitars. Lots of distortion and noise. Heavy beats. Loud, melodic singing.

Shipwreck Radios are a new band from Southern Ontario, Canada. Four veterans of the Kitchener-Waterloo music scene have teamed up in a four-piece with original music that wouldn’t sound out of place in the alt-90s section of your album collection. The nine songs on Shadows Fall, Shipwreck Radio’s debut album (Busted Flat Records, 2018), were written by longtime singer-songwriter Lynn Jackson.

Jackson says the impetus for the long brewing project - some songs written as far back as 2012 - was a deep love of the writing and style and heaviness of some of her favourite bands: PJ Harvey, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Mazzy Star, Radiohead and many others from that time period.

‘People know me as a rootsy-folky songwriter - a genre I obviously love - but I have a lot of loves, especially loud, distorted music. I’ve wanted to make this album for a long time and I’m really pleased with the results. The band is just full of talented, awesome players!’

Longtime guitar and bass player Ryan Allen brings the noise and the shredding on lead guitar, while Scott Fitzpatrick hold down the groove on bass and hard-hitting Jonny Sauder keeps everyone in line on the drums. Every one of them plays a number of different instruments in a number of different bands. “I’m very lucky to have them!” says Jackson.

“Jackson reveals a previously unheard affection for loud and shaggy rock ‘n’ roll inspired by the alt-rock section of her record collection” reviews Neil McDonald, The Waterloo Region Record. “The album’s many highlights include the moody PJ-Harvey-like opener ‘Waves,’ the “menacing” vibe of ‘Deep Dark Woods,’ whose trippy coda wouldn’t sound out of place on Radiohead’s OK Computer, the beautifully fuzzy ‘Shipwrecks’ and rocker ‘Most of All,’ which features scortching lead from Ryan Allen that fit Jackson’s musical mandate for the record perfectly,” continues McDonald.


Shadows Fall