Elliott And The Audio Kings

Elliott and the Audio Kings, from Waterloo Ontario, are a new voice in the Blues coming at you with an old school approach.

Standing on the bedrock of the blues recorded by the post-war masters, Elliott and the Audio kings are building on that foundation, with their own brand of shuffles, boogies and swings.

After retiring Daddy Long Legs, Southern Ontario’s most infamous Maple Blues award winning garage blues band, guitarist/singer Mike Elliott is back on the blues scene with a new band and a self-titled release, Elliott and the Audio Kings.  

With Jonny Sauder on Drums and Scott Fitzpatrick on doghouse bass, Elliott has taken a step closer to vintage blues. Elliott and Audio Kings’ first release captures all the crash and bang of cut-rate guitars running hot through pawn shop amps howling off a concrete floor.

Blues traditionalists at heart, Elliott and the Audio Kings tackle everything from jump blues and big shuffles to 50s style rock and roll.  Their music is raucous enough to feel at home in any roadhouse or 5-star dive bar, and at times, sophisticated enough to be heard at an uptown private club.

Their traditional take on the blues focuses on bringing things down to the essential blues ingredients, - wood, wire, blood and bones, and a 60 cycle hum. Electro-fied!

Elliott and the Audio Kings are old school, not retro.

Press play.  Good times will follow.


Blues Magazine (Holland)
Bman's Blues Report (U.S.)
The Rock Doctor (Canada)
Concert Monkey (Belgium)
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So Much To Do !

Long Live The King

Elliott And The Audio Kings