Lynn Jackson

For Lynn Jackson, it’s all about the songs.
Nineteen years and nine albums into her career, the one constant that fans have come to expect is top-notch songwriting and that voice. 
An authenticity runs through Jackson’s music that reflects a deep commitment to telling stories that ring true with listeners.  
“When I write a song, I often hear the arrangement fully formed - I let the songs lead me into whatever direction they want to go. I guess I’m considered a folk-roots artist, but if my writing and ideas take me outside the genre, I’m not afraid to stretch out creatively. 
There are no rules when it comes to songwriting.”
Having had a hand in producing or co-producing her first eight albums, Jackson decided to get an outside, creative perspective for her 9th album, Follow that Fire. The album, released September 15th on Busted Flat Records, is produced by acclaimed producer Michael Timmins (Cowboy Junkies).
“It was great working with Michael. He has such a good ear for sounds as well as a vast knowledge of all kinds of music. The vibe of the new record is intimate and low-key and at times, got me out of my comfort zone. Michael really helped capture the essence of the stories on this collection of songs,” says Jackson.
The new album offers songs about the road (Side of the Road, Mystery Novels, No Regrets) to the darkly cinematic tales of Alice and Ghost, to tributes to the passing of longtime friends (Random Breakdowns, False Starts & New Beginnings and Meet Me in the City - featuring Skydiggers frontman Andy Maize on harmonies). spoke of Jackson’s writing, saying “she is an excellent narrative songwriter; she tells stories that the listener can climb inside and inhabit for as long as she wishes, and is haunted by them long after the recording ends.”
Says Bob Mersereau, CBC:  “Jackson obviously has lots of sounds she wants to explore. . . It’s connected by fine writing, some soul-deep stuff.”
Pat Finch, NightLife, Waterloo Region Record: Busted Flat Record’s premier songbird has had an impressive musical career. . . . She has developed into a sophisticated songwriter. She’s no one-trick pony. It’s easy to believe that she’s capable of conquering any adventure she embarks upon.”


Three Chords And The Truth (U.K.)
Planet Country (Italy)
Canadian Beats (Canada)
Fervor Coulee (Canada)
Americana UK (U.K.)
Exclaim (Canada)
Gonzo Online (Canada)
Waterloo Region Record (Canada)
Rootsville (Netherlands)
Fatea (U.K.)
Keys And Chords (Belgium)
Fervor Coulee (Canada)
Hamilton Blues Lovers (Canada)
Canadian Beats
Rudolf's Music (Belgium)
Reid Between The Lines (Canada)
Folk World (Germany)
Fatea (U.K.)
Yeah Stub (Canada)
All Music (U.S.)



Follow That Fire

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