Lynn Jackson

Experimentation is the lifeblood of any artist, and when ideas suddenly coalesce into something that until that moment seemed beyond reach, it casts an entirely new light on their identity.
Over the course of her nearly 20-year recoding career, Lynn Jackson has always served the song, allowing each collection of sounds and moods evolve into each new album.
From folk to roots to indie-rock, 2022’s I Am Only the Moon sees the artist strip it all down to return to her acoustic beginnings.
On her 12th release, Jackson draws from the diverse talent in her native Kitchener-Waterloo, resulting in a dynamic collection of sounds and stories brought to life by the carefully chosen instrumentation and astute production.
“I always, almost without exception, write the lyrics first. Some are fiction when I’m in storytelling mode, or some are just reactions to what I’m experiencing at that moment. But I feel even if I’m telling a story from a character’s perspective or about a character, I think honesty is key to ultimately connecting with audiences. I write for myself, but I also write to connect, like the connections I’ve felt with a lot of my favourite artists from Tom Waits to Lucinda Williams to Cat Power and Leonard Cohen or to heavier, louder artists that I love.” 
Having worked with Cowboy Junkies’ Michael Timmins in the producer’s chair for 2017’s Follow that Fire, Jackson took the reins on 2020’s critically acclaimed Lionheart and again on this new 14-song effort. 
I Am Only the Moon is full of haunting banjo, soulful violin, spirited mandolin and potent guitar leads - the sparse arrangements allowing each player to step into the spotlight, as Jackson draws us into her stories. The evocative title track is a bewitching ballad and cautionary tale while I’m Awake is a light-hearted, lively travelling companion. Blues-soaked track The Wrench features gritty National Steel slide, while Day after Day sings along to poignant pedal steel swells and effervescent piano.
Lynn Jackson’s I Am Only the Moon is fierce and tender, searching and powerful, as she once again draws us into her world and characters with enduring narratives and strong melodies -- and a lot of heart.  


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