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New Brock Zeman Album

The new Brock Zeman album, 'The Carnival Is Back In Town', is out now !

The follow up to his 2015 masterpiece, 'Pulling your Sword Out Of The Devil’s Back', Brock Zeman has returned with a most brilliant concept album, devoted to the theme of an old-time travelling carnival show. On 'The Carnival Is Back In Town' listeners will meet and quickly become endeared to the characters and the carnies, with their sad and dark stories, hopes and their dreams.

“It’s a volume of stories that demands to be consumed front-to-back. This is one that will require repeated listens to truly appreciate, but each and every time, you’ll pick up some clever turn of phrase or some gorgeous melodic element, and you’ll find yourself eager to come for another visit to this carnival”. (Jeff Robson, CJUM Winnipeg)

Written over the course of a year, but a decade in the making, The Carnival Is Back In Town features 14 original songs written by Brock Zeman, with his gravelly Tom Waits-like vocals perfectly complimenting the dark genius of his writing. Joining Zeman on the recording is Blair Hogan on guitars and Dylan Roberts on drums, along with a myriad of additional backing vocals, bass, accordion, fiddle, and saxophone. In keeping with the period-specific theme of the record, there isn’t a single electric instrument anywhere on the album.


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