Tippy Agogo And Bill Bourne

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Songwriters Tippy Agogo and Bill Bourne team up with virtuoso guitarist Madagascar Slim and veteran drummer Michelle Josef on a new recording 'Amoeba Collective'.

'Amoeba Collective' is a certified organic project featuring 10 songs rife with improvisation.   It's a brilliant and compelling blend of Blues, Rock, World Beat Hip Hop, Electro-Acoustic with a dash of country.

Sharing the songwriting and lead vocals equally, Tippy and Bill constructed a variety of songs that serve as vehicles for a multi-genre improv romp that exudes a sense of celebration and conveys a global sensibility.

Madagascar Slim contributes his inimitable Hendrix/Malagasy guitar to the colourful melee. and Michelle Josef ties it all together with rock solid grooves.  Tom Mennier's wonderful piano and Donato Scipioni's fat bass fill out the fusion feast!

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Tippy Agogo & Bill Bourne

Amoeba Collective